[Updated] Registration is LIVE for Adult Fast4 Tourney on July 14th!

mixed doubles players shaking hands at net

Admission: I scheduled the wrong tournament for this weekend! Luckily, we’ll have time for both, so if we get enough folks out there that also want to do a single-elimination Tiebreak10 singles tournament after, we’ll do that after ad-hoc. Just bring $10 cash if you want in.

It’s time for some tennis fun in Belgrade! We’re doing a Mixed Doubles Fast4 Tournament which is Sets to 4, no-ad scoring with tiebreaks at 3-all. It’s a fast moving, fun new tournament format.

It’s a compass-draw-style tournament which means you’re guaranteed 3 matches. The draw will be out-of-a-hat (random). Entries will be $10/person.

Head over to our registration page and get signed up right now! Registration is open until Thursday, July 12th at 6pm.

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